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A must for every family with kids. Protect young kids from leaving the home themselves.

Remember a few years ago, there was an incident of a little child who opened the door and walked out of the house on his own in the dead of winter and tragically died outside? Since then I’ve always had the fear that one day my kids might be able to open the door own their own and somehow wander outside and turn into another one of those stories. 

Well, here is a lock that a lot of moms I know have been using. It’s a child-proof lock called the Prime-Line Products U 11126 Door Blocker Entry Door Stop which prevents kids from opening the door themselves. It can be installed at a height that little kids cannot reach. I definitely think each family should get one. Not only it prevents kids from walking out on their own, it is also a security lock that protects against unauthorized entry by preventing lock bumping and lock picking. Given the increased break-ins recently, I think this could also be an added security tactic.

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