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A spin class that leaves you feeling ecstatic!

Have you tried a spin class before? No, I’m not talking about your average spin class. This is a class that will take spinning to a whole new level and for those of you who are new, this is such a great workout to try.  I went to a spin class at SpinCycle Studio Markham last Friday and what an amazing experience!

You walk into a room with about 30 bikes with the instructor on a stage and a glowing screen behind him. The lights go dark and for a moment you don’t know where you are. The music is turned up, you can feel the beat.  Then lights turn on and it’s blue and it’s red and it’s purple, changing constantly with the music. It feels more like a concert theater than a spin class. As you start to spin, your heart rate accelerates and the adrenaline rushes. You are immersed in a room of high energy. Your instructor choreographs the perfect mix between spinning full speed and winding down. Turn the dial up, turn the dial own, 8 beats up on the bike, 8 beats sitting on the bike, then the room turns dark again for you slow down just for a moment before picking up speed again.  You can feel your whole body at work. Your instructor also comes around to correct your posture so you will not strain your back. The full hour of workout finishes with some really nice stretches off the bike led by the instructor.

I walked into the class feeling tired and sleepy, boy did I walk out of there a different person. I felt so energized and ecstatic.  And that happy feeling stayed with me the whole evening.  Sounds kind of crazy, but totally true.  

Back track a little bit. I was getting my gym bag ready and had this conversation with my 5 year old.

J asked: “what are you doing mommy?”

Me: “Mommy is going to a biking class today. Just like how you went to biking camp. I’m going to one that’s indoor”

J: “Oh…. But why mommy?”

Me: “because I want to exercise.”

J: “why?” 

You really need to have answers ready for a 5-year-old.

Me: “because I want to be healthy and fit so I can take care of you and your sister.”

J: “Oh! Okay, have a good time mommy!”

I thought more about my answer as I was driving to the spin class, I realized even though that was just a reason I came up with quickly to satisfy my son, it’s actually a really good reason for me to try harder to get fit because I want to be a healthy and strong mom so I can take care of my family and have more energy to play with my kids.  So, moms think about that for a bit and think about what you are doing about your own health.

If you want to consider taking a spin class, here are some reason why you should try.

  1. Burn calories
  2. Improve your cardio and heart rate
  3. Strengthen your core
  4. Motivation riding with a team
  5. Enhance your mental strength
  6. Get a whole-body workout
  7. Leave the class feeling energized and euphoric

I know there are probably other spin classes/studios out there but I really did enjoy my time at SpinCycle. Here’s what I liked about them:

  1. The instructors are very experienced and also personable. They help to motivate and guide you through the whole workout and give you the best cycle experience.
  2. State-of-the-art bikes with the chain feel of a true outdoor bike experience. Monitored for power, speed distance and heart rate.
  4. Great music hand-picked by the instructors to carry you through the entire workout.
  5. Beautiful lighting system designed by film and broadcast professionals
  6. Super friendly staff

Are you feeling low energy and the only workout you have is lifting your kids or chasing after them? It’s time to work some exercise into your life. For your own sake and for the sake of your kids. If you get to try a class at the SpinCycle Studio Markham, let me know how you like it.

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  1. This review of SpinCycle is great! Very detailed and well written 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to tell us your experiences.

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