About Me

I’m a working mom with two young children. Being a mom in today’s world is not easy. We are often under a time crunch with so many demands and not enough time. When it comes to selecting products and services for my family, I find myself often turning to other mom friends for recommendations. I’m constantly learning about new products, family entertainment, extra-curricular classes, recipes and mom hacks from others around me.

Today, my passion is in helping and inspiring moms like me to navigate through the land of parenting by offering trustworthy  recommendations on local businesses, entertainment and events. Giving in-depth reviews on baby/kids/home products, and updates on the latest deals. Providing insight on various parenting issues and connecting moms with other moms. 

I am also a strong believer in educating women on the use of safer and better beauty products. There are way too many harmful ingredients in the makeup and skin care products we use these days that have negative effects on our health. I love telling other women about none-toxic beauty products.