5 Benefits of Nature Walking with Kids

I have never really been an outdoorsy person growing up. I much preferred spending my time in the malls. However, after I had kids, I started to like nature activities more as I see how much my kids enjoy it. Instead of taking them to the mall or signing them up with too many classes on the weekend, I opt to take them out for some nature walks and outdoor activities.

Recently we visited the Kortright Centre of Conservation and had great time exploring the natures with our two kids. They were fascinated to see a big caterpillar crawling and a huge fallen tree. A storywalk got the them excited, it was like a reading game that kept them running. The sound of our feet walking on the leaves was like music to the ears. I had prepared little bags for the kids to collect red leaves, but there weren’t that many red maple leaves. I was afraid the kids would be disappointed but they weren’t at all. With their little eagle eyes they somehow found a bagful of beautiful leaves and were so proud of themselves.

My older child had so many questions. He asked us why the big tree fell down, whether it had hit any little animals; why did the leaves change colour and why do they fall. I knew that the walk had sparked his curiosity and took the opportunity to give him some simple science lessons. What a great way to learn.    

There are so many benefits to spending time with your kids in the nature. It fosters kids’ intellectual, emotional, social and physical development.

1. It stimulates their senses and enhances their observation.

Everything in the nature, from the leaves to the birds and bugs all stimulate their senses! They become more observant because they are so many interesting things for them to see. Like different types of trees, birds and even bugs. 

2. Helps kids to learn to appreciate the earth and environment.

Nature makes them appreciate our planet and learn the importance of protecting the environment.

3. A walk in the nature sparks their curiosity and gives them an appetite to learn.

Kids are curious by nature and a walk in the woods can spark their curiosity even more. Be prepared they might have questions you can’t even answer! Don’t be afraid, it’s great to get their little minds thinking. If you don’t know the answer, tell them we’ll go find out why when we get home by looking up some books!

4. Gives kids freedom to have creative fun!

Kids are free to run, jump, make noises and explore all they want (of course we have to be careful not to let them touch any plants that might be poison). They can pick leaves, pretend to build something with sticks. Breathing the fresh air and smelling the flowers or leaves just makes them happy.

5. It’s a wonderful way to bond as a family.

It’s a great opportunity for the whole family to take a walk together, de-stress and have some nice conversations. Just being immersed by the beauty of nature together alone can create some great memories. 

I highly recommend checking out some great trails and conservation parks in the York Region and just go explore!

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