6 Things to do to Help Prepare Your Child for the First Loose Tooth

J’s first baby tooth fell out last night! It was becoming very loose since last week and he had been carrying the little green box the dentist gave him hoping to catch the tooth and save it in the box. All this time we were trying to be very careful not to miss it, guess what happened? He ATE THE TOOTH while eating his dinner!! Oh mine. I had to dig in his plate and see if I could find it, but of course he really did swallow it down with his food. Although I wish we had caught it, I still thought that was pretty hilarious.  J was so excited that he asked me to take pictures and videos of him and send it to everyone I know. Thinking back a few weeks ago, I didn’t think he would be very “excited” about this as this kid is very sensitive to pain and tents to worry.

“Mommy, I have a loose tooth!”, J told me about three weeks ago, looking a bit nervous. I know it was about time as a couple of his classmates had already lost a few of their teeth. “Is it going to hurt a lot?” he asked, “am I going to bleed?”.  Knowing my own child,  I know I had to start preparing him for this milestone that’s coming up. I came up with a plan and quickly put it into action.

  1. We talked about why kids will lose their baby teeth and that it meant they are growing up to be big boys and girls.
  2. I asked him to tell me which of his friends have lost their teeth already and make it sound exciting that he can be like one of them.
  3. I borrowed a number of books from the library about losing the first tooth. We read them as bedtime stories. Here are the books I borrowed:
    1. Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth
    2. The Night Before the Tooth Fairy
    3. Loose Tooth
  4. We watched a YouTube video of a kid losing her firs tooth in action. She even told other kids not to be scared and that it’s very an exciting thing. The video actually showed the dad help to pull out her lose tooth.
  5. I showed him a keep-sake box I  had prepared to keep his baby teeth.
  6. We started a guessing game on when the tooth will fall out.

As J’s tooth became more lose and wiggly, he did have some pain and bled a bit when he bit some hard food. I made sure to give him softer food to make sure he didn’t have too much pain. As we get close to the big day, he was becoming more excited about it and finally when it came out last night, he was over the top excited and so proud. “I’m so excited! I’m so brave!” he said. Then he went running in the room singing his own tune “I lost my tooth, I lost my tooth, I swallowed my tooth, I swallowed my tooth” for the rest of the evening.

Here are some fun facts for you:

  • A child has 20 baby teeth, they usually fall out in the same order they came in.
  • The lower center teeth are usually the first ones to go, followed by the top center ones.
  • A child can start to lose their first tooth around 6 to 7. For some it can be as early as 4 or as late as 8.
  • The younger the child was when his/her teeth came in, the earlier they will fall out.

If you are like me and want to keep everything from my kids. Then you might want to get a First Tooth Keepsake box. There are some really cute ones on Amazon, and you can also have a customized one made. If you want to make a customized one, don’t forget to check out Heavenly Hash Crafts & Creations, the creator is a mom based in York Region. I’m all in for supporting local business. So, if you need to make a customized product, check her page out. 

If you have a child who’s approaching this stage, then I hope this sharing will help you in some way.

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