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Best Taekwondo Class In Markham – Moohan Taekwondo Markham

Before I had kids, I told my husband that we will never over-burden our kids with too many extra-curricular activities nor do I want my weekends to be spent driving them around to different classes all day. There are only three MUST LEARN activities for my kids – swimming (which is a life skill), one instrument or art (so they can find a way to express their emotions when they are older) and martial arts. Why martial arts? Here are some reasons that I am convinced kids need to take some form of martial arts.

1. Build Confidence and Self-Esteem:

This is the number one reason why I signed my son up for Taekwondo (my daughter is still too young). If you have been following me on social media, you probably noticed that my son wears hearing aids. As I mom, it is my job to help my son to be confident mentally and physically so that he can be prepared to face some of the different challenges he might face in the future such as low self-esteem, bullying etc. When you get better at something through practicing, failing and succeeding, you will naturally gain confidence in yourself and believe and feel good about yourself and that’s what I needed my son to learn.

2. Develop Self Defense Skills:

I never want my kids to use violence as a solution to any conflicts but with so many horror stories of bullying, I feel we need to equip kids to protect themselves. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying fighting is the way to solve bullying problems, I’m only saying that in case they are faced with physically bullying, at least they can protect themselves on the spot. 

3. Develop their Body Coordination and Stay Fit:

Staying fit is very important not only for adults but also for kids. Martial arts help them to be active, develop their muscles and trains their coordination and flexibility which ensure kids are healthy and strong.

4. Self Discipline and Goal Reaching:

These two traits are vital in the kids’ future success. Kids these days are used to instant gratification but martial arts help them to practice self-discipline as it takes a lot of hard work to reach each new level and receive a new belt. This in turn also helps kids to learn to work hard to achieve goals. They get a taste of the joy when they reach their goals through hard work. 

5. Learn to Respect:

I grew up in Asian and we were taught at a very young age how to respect authority. I find that in North America, there is less teaching on respect in general. Martial arts not only teach your kids to be physically and mentally strong but also teach them how to respect authority and their peers.

If you are now convinced that your child needs to learn some martial arts then I recommend the Moohan Taekwondo Markham. I have looked around at a handful of Karate and Taekwondo classes in Markham and eventually signed up with Moohan Taekwondo. Here are some reasons why I think Moohan is the one of the best Taekwondo schools in Markham. 

1. The Teachers:

This one is the most important thing when it comes to choosing a class for my child – THE TEACHERS! A good teacher can spark your child’s interest and help the students to reach their full potential. Master Cheng and Master  Mitchell are both amazing coaches. Both coaches have over 10 years of teaching experience and have won multiple awards and championships. After talking to them, I know they are the right teachers because their philosophy is to get the student to love and enjoy the art of Taekwondo, to make them realize their true potential and go beyond their limit. Master Cheng and Master Mitchell customize their teaching based on each student’s unique learning needs. I could feel the passion they have for teaching and the genuine care they have for the kids. Both encouraging and approachable, not only do they teach the kids Taekwondo, they also spend time at the end of the class recognizing good students and giving the kids a short lesson on what is respect and real-life examples of how show respect to others. It is very reassuring to me to see teachers who not only teach skills and techniques but also are interested in building up the  character of the kids. Having both a male and female instructor in the school also brings a more balanced and dynamic system of teaching that will benefit both boys and girls. 

2. The Students:

I was very impressed since the first class. The kids in the class were very well behaved and showed a lot of respect to their teachers. There was no fooling around like I saw at some other classes. They followed the teacher’s instructions very well. To me this is a sign that it is a good class.

3. The Curriculum:

The class is very well planned out with a great combination of warm up exercise and actual techniques learning. The teachers make it fun and engaging for the kids so they don’t feel bored or too hard. I can see the kids having a great time there and didn’t seem like they were forced to be there by their parents. Master Kevin Cheng customizes his teaching for each child based on their needs so it’s not a one-size-fits-all training. 

4. The Facility:

The facility is spacious and clean and the staff is very friendly. I don’t know about you, but when I pick a class, first impression is very important and first impression includes the staff and the facility itself. Whether it is spacious and clean makes a big difference to how comfortable I am to send my child there every week. 

I recommend starting your kids on some form of martial arts and I highly recommend checking out Moohan Taekwondo. Take advantage of their current special  ($69.99 for 3 weeks plus free uniform) now while it is still available.

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