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Top 5 Reasons Why We Loved True North Sports Summer Camp

If you are a working mom like me, you know that summer time usually means seeking out the best summer camps for your kids, making sure they have a great time. A lot goes into consideration when it comes to choosing the right camp – location, price, quality, reviews etc. are important aspects.  I usually sign my child up with a mix of programs, so he could get enjoy a bit of all including sports, science, and art.

This summer my son attended several different camps in Markham including a one-week multi-sports camp with True North Sports Camps in Markham. Mr. J had a fantastic week at the camp and asked to go back next year.  Today I will give you moms a detailed review on top 5 reasons why I recommend this camp to Markham moms.

We really liked the camp for a number of reasons:

  1. A Holistic Sports Camp: We like the fact that the camp allowed kids to experience a variety of sports.  J got to try many different sports including ones he never tried before like baseball and hockey. By giving him an opportunity to try a variety of sports out, we were able to find out what he really liked and what he was good at. This will help us decide which sport activity to invest more time and money in later.
  2. Professional & High Energy Coaches: The coaches and counselors were very energetic and great with kids. They were able to fully engage all the kids to learn the fundamentals of each sport in a fun and pressure free environment that emphasized on sportsmanship and teamwork. I stayed to watch the program for an hour on the second day and I saw that the coaches were great at guiding the kids to play nicely with each other, there was no fighting or bad behaviors.
  3. Welcoming Staff: The staff were also very welcoming and patient. They made sure Mr. J felt welcomed on the first day and took the time to address my concerns. Being a mom of a hard-of-hearing child, I always want to make sure I do everything I can to protect my child. I asked Coach Jill to make sure she kept on eye on Mr. J that he would not be bullied by any kids because of his hearing aids and that he doesn’t loose them while playing. Jill was very made sure I was at ease before leaving my child.
  4. Well Planned Out Program: The program was strategically planned out so that the kids got a variety of outdoor and indoor activities and plenty of water breaks to make sure they stayed hydrated. The staff worked hard to achieve the perfect balance between advanced skill instruction and a memorable summer camp experience for the kids. Mr. J came home happy every day which to me was a great sign.
  5. Excellent Communication with Parents: I really liked the welcome email that was sent out to the parents before the first day of camp. It included detailed information of what to bring, what the kids are doing each day and where exactly to drop off and pick up the kids. At the end of the camp, we also received a thank you later with a link to photos of the kids.

Thank you True North Sports Camp for a great experience this summer! If you are still looking for a good summer camp this summer or looking to sign your child up with a regular sports program, I highly recommend checking out True North Sports Camps.

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