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Outdoor Mini Photo Session

Are you thinking of getting some professional photos done for your kids? Take advantage of the beautiful summer days with an outdoor mini photo session. 

So I worked out a deal with my family photographer – Bunny Bear Studio, and am extending this offer to all of you! She is a mom based in Markham and a great photographer. She is also very patient and accommodating. We all know it’s not easy taking photos with kids, she is very good working with kids, making sure they smile and catching good shots. She also does some amazing photos with newborns,  I’ll work on another deal with her on newborns later if you are interested in that. 

Okay, so what’s the deal you ask?

$99 for Outdoor Mini Photo Session and also get cute a photo frame just for Markham Moms

Just mention to her that you saw this on Markham Moms and she will honor the deal. 

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1 thought on “Outdoor Mini Photo Session

  1. thank you dear for the lovely intro. Really liking our collab and let’s make this work! Friends and families go book before the summer is gone!

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