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Have you been to the sunflower farm yet?

Have you been to the sunflower farm yet? Many of you might have heard of lavender fields but perhaps not many have seen the sunflower fields.


We visited the Bogle Seeds Farm in Hamilton this past weekend and were amazed by the 75 acres of beautiful sunflowers!


Upon arrival, your eyes are immediately captured by a huge field of sunflowers

 Thousands of tall, bright yellow flowers exerted a happy feeling into the air. Sunflowers had always been associated with happiness, energy and positivity. When you are immersed in a sea of sunflowers, that’s exactly how you feel. Get your camera ready because there is a good photo at every corner. There are families taking photos with their phones, amateur and professional photographers all with their nice big DSR cameras. It’s not hard to get great photos with such an amazing background.


The kids were so curious and happy to see flowers as big as their heads. They also had a lot of fun running on the trail with flowers on both sides.


It didn’t take too long to walk through the flower trail, we stopped here and there to take photos and play tag with the kids. Eventually we we picked a shady spot and had a nice picnic while we enjoyed the view.


If you haven’t been to this place, then I do recommend going. The entrance fee is $7.5 per person (adults). The sunflowers are in full bloom now and might be there for just another few weeks. So, if you are thinking of going, make sure you keep that in mind.


Tips for those of you who might be going:

  1. Bring food for picnic
  2. Bring a good camera
  3. Plan out your outfit if you wish to have good photos (that’s really important!!)
  4. If you are even more serious about the photos, then bring a little step stool, taking photos from higher view is really nice
  5. Go on a weekday to avoid crowds
  6. If you can’t go on a weekday then go early on the weekend

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