How to Share Hobbies with Your Kids

What’s your hobby? Are you passionate about fishing, photography, baking or collecting coins? Whatever it is, sharing hobbies with your kids can be such a wonderful experience. It’s a great way to bond and build life-long connections with them.

As parents, we do a lot to help our kids find a passion in something, so we send them to piano, karate, dance, art classes. We sign them up for skating, swimming and even public speaking classes. Sometimes we forget that the best thing we can do is show them  what we are passionate about and we’ll be surprised that might become a hobby for them too. 

My husband had always liked golfing but pretty much stopped going after we had kids because life has been too busy. Recently he took our son with him to the golf course during our cottage trip and surprisingly the almost-6-year-old showed a lot of interest. J went through 18 holes with daddy, while I decided to go back and take a nap about 6 holes down the road (I really am not the most patient).  

That one-time experience was enough to connect the two on a whole new level as they discovered something in common. My husbanded starting taking J to a nearby practice range (Bushwood Golf Club) a few times a week and as daddy practiced his swings, he would also give J some balls to play around with. When I come home in the afternoon and ask J what did he do for the day he would always say happily “daddy and I went golfing.” On Saturday afternoons when his little sister napped, the father-and-son duo would go golfing for a couple hours.  When I asked to come along, J would say it in a matter-of-fact tone “mommy, you don’t know how to golf and you need to stay home and watch my sister. Only daddy and me can go”.  Golfing became something that’s exclusive to J and daddy.

Last week, hubby brought home a whole set of clubs made just for kids. It’s the cutest thing ever and J was thrilled. His dad of course also got a brand-new set for himself. So, the two have been even more excited to go golfing. Before I know it, they were going every afternoon. J even asked us to sign him up for some classes which was surprising to me because he usually is not very keen about me signing him up with any kind of classes (especially skating, which was the biggest pain in the butt for both me and him).

I’m not sure if J is going to become a Tiger Woods or some professional golfer, but I’m just really glad to see him finding a new hobby with daddy and seeing the two spend lots of quality time together is just so cute.

If you haven’t started to develop a common hobby with your kids together, then you should think about doing so. It’s never too early or too late I say. Here are some tips I have put together for you:

  1. Involve your kids in whatever hobby or passion you have. Show them how much you enjoy it and how much fun it can be.
  2. If they are too young to try it, then just let them watch and try talking out loud about what you are doing.
  3. Make it seem exciting. Praise and encourage any effort they make even if they were not successful.
  4. Break things down, give them age-appropriate tasks/steps. For example, let them help you get the golf ball into the hole when it’s very close to getting in. Don’t expect 4-year-old is going to be able to bake a whole cake, but instead get her to crack the egg or mix the ingredients.
  5. Allow them to make mistakes. It takes practice and time to get better. You needed it when you started, so your kids will also need it. Tell them it’s okay to make mistake and that you had also learned from your mistakes and became better after.
  6. Be flexible. If they don’t feel like doing it today, then don’t push them. Try another day.
  7. If you are the parent that does that share the same passion as your kids and spouse, then you’ll have to try to be supportive or maybe also try the same hobby out.
  8. Finally, just have fun together. Spend a great time bonding with your kids.

Hope that helps and hope you find a passion with your kids together.

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