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Is your home safe? An free official crime map from your local police. Start monitoring your neighborhood crimes now!

Recently, we heard of a few friends’ house in our area got broken into. It seems that over the years, the number of break-ins in York Region has really gone up. So, before we left for a 3-week trip, we started to look into some information about how to prevent break-ins and we found this CRIME MAP:

If you do not see your city, feel free to drop us a line on Facebook and we will look into this for you. 

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You can actually search all the crimes including break-ins that happened around the area you live in. You can search up to six months and filter by type of crimes. From the map, we saw that break-ins are the top crime that happens in the area. 

We found that in the past 6 months, there had been around 10 break-ins in our small area! 

We used the “Create an Alert” function to receive regular emails from the York Region Police about the crimes in our selected area. 

If you don’t know about the CRIME MAP yet, please go take a look!  

Here is a sample of the email we received recently. 

This triggered our worry. We wanted to equip our home with some security measures that can deter the thieves. We did a lot of research and found a couple of easy to install products right before our trip. They helped to make our house appears to be occupied even though we are away and I think this really helped to keep our house safe while we were away. 

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