A mystery present

I opened the door to take the garbage out after dinner and there was the cutest little rocking chair sitting right outside of my door. What’s even more surprising is that it had my son’s name on it!

My first reaction is to look around to see if anyone was there. But no one was to be seen. I thought to myself, who could have put this here? Could be it our neighbours? But can’t be, they don’t know my son’s name. Could it have been my husband (he was golfing was my son at the time)? I called hubby and asked if he had gotten the chair and he said no.

Mystery, mystery, mystery!

I left the chair exactly where it was so J can be surprised. Sure enough when he saw the chair in front of the door, his eyes lit up and he was so excited to see his own name on the chair.

“Who got the chair mommy? It has my name on it!” asked J.

“I don’t know, can you take a guess?” I answered.

After spending some time guessing and asking friends, we eventually found out that the chair was from J’s Godparents. They had found it on Facebook Market from a mom who also has a son named Jacob. The chair was too small so she was looking for a good new home for it. What a coincident and how perfect is this gift. Thank you Uncle R for the pleasant surprise and for being so thoughtful.

Although they were our friends, it probably doesn’t count as a random act of kindness but I still felt very touched. It also made me think what can we do for someone else to make their day? Even if he/she is just a kid? I had a nice little discussion with J about a few things we can do to show kindness and love to our friends. We will put this into action soon. 

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