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A top reviewed smart home device that kept our home safe while we were away.

Smart Plug from TP-Link

As the time of writing, this product is on sale at amazon for only $19.99. We do not know how long the sale will last. Get it while it lasts.  

We found this product tremendously useful and super easy to use. it costs less than $20 each. Plug into any power plug and plug our table lamp into it. Then use the smart phone app to schedule the Smart Plug to automatically power the light  on and off as needed, like setting lights to come on at dusk or turn off at sunrise. 

We really liked this smart plug and actually bought 3 of these and set it up in different rooms. We use one in our kitchen to turn on the rice cooker when we get off work so the rice is ready for us when we arrives with kids. 

As a bonus, it also works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home if you happen to have one. 

We have tried a few other similar products in the market but found that TP-Link smart plug is most easy to config and use. It has close to 1000 reviews and over 200 answered questions on Amazon and it is currently on sale. 


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