Moving into the New Norm

It’s hard to believe that we have been in a pandemic for almost 6 months now. I still remember the day when I found out everything is shutting down, I was still in a resort in Domenic Republic! It’s been a hard 6 months for many people especially for those working parents with young kids… Read More Moving into the New Norm


Danish Butter Cookies

These homemade danish cookies are a delight for anyone in the family. You will keep coming back for more. My kids love them but I find the ones we buy are generally too sweet so I made these myself with mostly organic ingredients and a lot less sugar.  Ingredients:  Organic Unsalted Butter – 120g Salt… Read More Danish Butter Cookies


Red Lentil Soup

I normally eat only a salad for lunch but this winter has been so cold that I just needed to add a soup to stay warm so I made a red lentil soup! It’s so easy to make and it’s absolutely delicious and healthy. It’s very customizable so that means in addition to the main… Read More Red Lentil Soup