Toy Review: Techno Gears Bionic Bug & Crazy Copter

We got the Techno Gears Bionic Bug and Helicopter a few months ago from Costco. It is such a great STEAM toy for kids. 

This week, J built the bionic bug. The project has 80 colourful pieces to build the bug and once complete, when you press on a button, it sets the bug in motion.  With springy rolling legs and a spinning big-eyed head, this bug will be very silly for kids to watch! The instructions were very easy for kids to read and follow. 

J loves building stuff and this was the perfect toy for him. He is so good with reading instructions that he didn’t even know my help. When he finish building the bug, he was very proud of himself. What an accomplishment and what a cute bug! Next week he will build the helicopter too. 

Not sure if Costco still sells this, but it is available on Amazon.ca. 



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